Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Far Better Things Ahead

Hello everyone, I haven't posted in quite a while - my apologies!

Things have been incredibly hectic this past little while. April was my last month at university, so there were lots of things to fret about - finals, moving out, getting employed. Now I have fully moved back home, so I'll be able to make some legitimate posts soon. This post, however, is just a short hey-I'm-still-alive kind of thing.

Exams went really well (all except calculus, but that isn't too much of a surprise), and my first year at university was an absolutely amazing experience. Moving out of dorm was so so hard - saying goodbye to all of the people I had become so close with during the year was heartbreaking. It is just for the summer, however, I will see them before I know it!

And now I'm looking for a summer job, which is proving to be much more challenging than I had originally thought it would be. Today I went around downtown and gave out some resumes. Hopefully someone out there gives me a chance!

And one last fun update - we're going to South Africa for August! I am so so so excited, it's going to be brilliant. So I have that to look forward to, as well as my second year of university, which I'm sure will be just as wonderful as my first year was.

A little bit of wisdom as you continue with your week (image source):

So that is my brief life update - more posts to come soon. I hope you all are having lovely weeks.

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Monday, 7 April 2014

Updo of the Day

Hi everyone! It's Monday, and my second to last class day of the semester. Just one more class tomorrow and I am finished! Except for final exams, of course. But I'm trying not to think about those.

I tried something new with my hair today and decided to share it with you all :)

Right side
Left side

Essentially what I did was separate the front bang sections of my hair from the rest, make a low bun with the back portion, then braid the front sections and pin around the bun! Super easy, and has stayed secure and sleek throughout the day despite my crazy mane of hair. 

I hope you all have wonderful weeks :)
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Thursday, 3 April 2014

March Favourites

Hey everyone! We're now onto April (time flies) so naturally, I feel I must do a March favourites post. Here it is!

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear nail polish in Bubblegum Pink. I got this on a whim a while back (for Valentine's Day, actually, though I only got around to trying it out mid-March) and just love the bright pink colour. The nail polish applies smoothly and stays on well!

Rimmel lipstick in Just So. [top image source] I had been looking for a slightly more natural, versatile lipstick for a while, and was so pleased when I found this one! It lasts for ages and even smells nice. I quite enjoy this lipstick.

Clinique clarifying lotion for dry combination skin. This is just a sample bottle, and I only just started using it, but I can already feel the difference it makes on my skin. It keeps my face matte throughout the day, and dries up pesky little red marks. Absolutely love it.

Lord Huron - Lonesome Dreams. This album is definitely my favourite right now. Relaxed, acoustic, full of emotion. I definitely recommend it!

What are some of your March favourites?

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