Friday, 29 March 2013


There are so many curly girls out there in tv shows and media, which I LOVE, since I myself am naturally curly-haired. So many hair trends right now are straight or wavy, and however much I pine after them (I find those styles so pretty!) I know it will probably be a while until I finally get the energy to try them out. So for now, I'm sticking with the curls.

One character I absolutely LOVE is Zoe from Firefly, mostly because she is so incredibly bad-ass. But also because of her fantastic head of hair.

She has got to be one of my favourite TV characters... just so amazing!

Plus, her and Wash are the cutest couple! As soon as I begun watching the show, I was a fan. The characters are all so interesting, and the story line makes you want to keep watching. It honestly is heartbreaking that there is only one season.

Anyway, back to hair.

Another one of my hair inspirations on TV is Annie from Being Human. Her hair is just so cute and bouncy and it makes me want to chop all of mine off!

Seeing all these curly haired heroines makes me extra happy with my own hair... sometimes my mane can be incredibly frustrating, but it does pay off eventually, with patience and good humour! To any curly girls out there: keep rocking those curls!

Until the next!

Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Watson to my Holmes

Lately I have been in a very jewellery-ish mood... in particular, rings. I'm feeling the need for a new ring, and that's the thing. (No puns, but rhymes. Not nearly as great, sorry). So I've been browsing Etsy and other places, and may I just say there are some GORGEOUS rings on Etsy?! Seriously! Here are a few of my personal favourites... ones that I am most certainly going to be considering in my hunt for my next ring.

  • Okay, are these rings great or what?! Sherlock and Watson rings? I am definitely in! I am honestly going to get these one day. SO GREAT. These particular rings are made by this shop on Etsy. Utterly fantastic.

  • Is this ring not lovely?! It is made by this person on Etsy. Go check their stuff out, it's all very pretty!

  • One type of ring I lack is big, chunky statement rings, and I feel like this type of ring would fill that hole nicely. It is just so CLASSIC - the detailing on the band, the big gem. This particular ring is made by this person on Etsy. All of their items have this really elegant, stately look!
  • And last but DEFINITELY not least, this incredibly adorable HP ring! Look at it! Look at its cuteness! I am a massive fan of this type of ring - the simple wire look - and would love a ring like this one, if not this HP one! This one is made by this shop on Etsy.

So basically what I'm saying is go look on Etsy if you're wanting amazing jewellery, fandom related or no! There is just an incredible variety of things on Etsy that constantly amaze me... the people on there are so talented and I love seeing all the cool, beautiful things that are made. 

Have good weekends! I'll be trying desperately not to purchase thousands of things off of Etsy!

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Music is Magic

Albus Dumbledore was the one who said that. Brilliant man.

Anyway, I wasn't doing much and felt like writing a blog post... but I didn't know what OF! But then it occured to me - music. Why not write about music? So I'm going to give you my top five favourite songs of the week. I'm going to start by saying this was a very difficult thing to do... I have so many favourites!

Let's do this!

  1. England by The National. Can you say epic?! Seriously. The harmonies in this one. Speaks to the soul. If you're curious, here it is.
  2. I Was Wrong by The Oh Hello's. This song is really sad, but just so lovely. Here's a link.
  3. Dread In My Heart by Mother Mother. Deceptively cheerful, it's actually kind of sad too! Very awesome song. I feel like I should also warn people about swearing, just in case you don't like that kind of thing. Here.
  4. Gone by Tokyo Police Club. So cheerful! I absolutely love the guitar in the intro. LOVE IT. Here.
  5. Rocks and Daggers by Noah & The Whale. Another happy one, just really sweet and pretty! Again, harmonies. Can't get enough of them harmonies. It's here.
So those are my favourites for the week! Man, that was difficult... there are still so many songs I would have liked to put there! It's like being asked your favourite book or movie. Impossible.

Have lovely weekends!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

When life gives you walnuts...

...Make maple walnut loaf!

Just kidding, I used a pre-packaged recipe. But still. Good use of walnuts!

I spent my Wednesday loafing around (GET IT?! HA. I'm hilarious) and baked this loaf. And that is what you missed in my wildly exciting life.

And I made cream cheese glaze to go on top, which worked really nicely! They suggested a maple glaze but for SOME REASON, we don't have any maple extract or syrup in my house. A crime, I know.

If you happened to be curious, this is the box from which this loaf was born! It was a super good loaf, and the box had nice and easy baking instructions. And as you can see by the box, it has real English walnuts. Like, that's true quality, guys.

I'm serious, though, very yummy :) maybe I will actually make a loaf from scratch next time! Though we must remember that when I make things from scratch, they turn out looking horrifically ugly, see this post. Hey, though, guess I outta practice!

Hope your days are going swell!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013


New bookshelves! I'm so excited!

We went to Ikea the other day and bought me some mighty fine new shelves. My puny, ancient desk, though still completely functional, was beginning to make me feel like I was seven. It was time.

First, I had to remove items from said desk. I have apparently accumulated a ton of useless knick-knacks over the years!

All of my books. And a complementary field hockey bag!

And finally, all on the shelves. SO WONDERFUL! SO NEAT! I LOVE IT!

In conclusion, I am far too excited over my new bookshelves. Ain't they grand?!!

Friday, 15 March 2013

Fandom Friday!

In which I fangirl! This particular Friday, there are tons of things I'm excited about. Get ready for the flailing, people.

  1. SHERLOCK. Starting filming for the new season on Monday?! YES. 
  2. AVPSY. Comes out today. TODAY. 
  3. FIREFLY. I have given myself the challenge and honour of watching all the episodes this spring break. And you know when spring break is? Now. So you know when I'm going to start watching? NOW.
  4. THE WALKING DEAD. I am seriously two episodes away from being caught up. Goal - to be caught up by this Sunday. I can do this, guys.
  5. And last but most certainly not least, SUPERNATURAL. Halfway through season 5! Moving along here! I will get there someday!
I love weeks like this where everything happens all at once! Just so many THINGS to be excited about! It's great. If you aren't familiar with some of the shows up there, I highly recommend you check them out, because all of them are fantastic. Go. Go watch.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Live Clean follow-up

Helloooo! So you may or may not remember this, but a while ago I did a review on the Live Clean Argan Oil Smooth and Shine Cream! Here's the link:

I used that product again today and am pretty happy with my findings! I used it instead of my usual leave-in conditioner, and really liked the way it left my hair.

Sorry about the brightness of the photos - I used my webcam for these and the quality SUCKS.

I had to include the tea, sorry. Tea and I go everywhere together!

A really nice product, I'm really liking it! The only thing is, it left my hair a littttlleee bit frizzier than it is with my usual leave-in conditioner, but that could have also been because of the abysmal weather we've been having!

So there, real proof that this product works. Give it a go!

Monday, 11 March 2013


So I went shopping with my mum this weekend! What fun!

I didn't really get a whole lot of anything, but I am very pleased with what I did get! I am just going to say, right now, that I LOVE SALES. Okay. That's off my chest.

And that nicely segues into this BAG THAT I GOT ON SALE. Originally $70. Got it for $25. Now is that great or what?!

 I have wanted a Kipling bag for the longest time, and have finally got my hands on one! They're just great multi-purpose bags and last forever.

And plus, all Kipling bags come with these little monkeys. Now, real monkeys creep me out in ways I can't fully describe, but these little Kipling monkeys are so cute! Still vaguely creepy, but cute!

Next, a skirt! It's got buttons down the front!!
The brand is Love Riche.

And lastly, a floral blouse from Garage! This is one recent style I am personally very fond of - floral, loose tops.

So like I said, not a ton of things, but I am super happy with my finds!

I also went with my family to see Life of Pi, which was AMAZING. When I was watching the Oscars and saw the ridiculous amount of awards it won, I was all grumbly, like "ahhl;agjkla not the Hobbit?! Not Skyfall?!?" But now that I've seen it, I totally get it. Absolutely gorgeous movie, the effects and cinematography and all that was spectacular! Made me laugh, made me cry. Great movie.

That's all for now! BYEEE!

Thursday, 7 March 2013


AKA Ed Sheeran and Passenger!

Covering No Diggity and Thrift Shop! Watch it and be in awe!

Seriously, I love Ed Sheeran. His music is just gorgeous. And Passenger's voice is so nice! I don't know a ton about his music but I'm definitely going to look his stuff up. He's got an angel voice.

In short, the two of them combined is a wondrous thing.

Soooo that was basically all I wanted to say! I hope you are all having lovely days!

OH plus plus also and, I just got an eyeshadow brush! (A real live professional one! WHOA!) I am very excited to use it. I may possibly mention it again sometime. Actually, I will most probably mention it again sometime.


Tuesday, 5 March 2013

But today is Tuesday too!

Supernatural, anyone? No? Okay. Couldn't resist. Sorry.

First of all, THEME CHANGE! My blog looks different. Yay!

Secondly, ESPIONAGE MAKE-UP! You may recall my post from yesterday in which I excitedly babbled about Comicon. One of the things I purchased was eyeshadow from Espionage Cosmetics! I highly encourage you to check them out! Tons of fantastic colours! And all fandom related lines - the one I bought is part of the Browncoats collection :D

And you know what's exciting? The eyeshadow isn't just an eyeshadow. They actually call it everything shadow. Here's a list of all the wondrous things it can do:

  • Eyeshadow
  • Lash colour
  • Highlighter
  • Blush
  • Temporary hair colour
  • Acrylic colour
  • Body shimmer
  • Nail colour
  • Lip stain
  • Brow filler
  • Lip gloss
  • Contour
  • Glitter tattoos
  • Eyeliner
  • Warpaint
Whoa. I know.

I still need to figure out how to do the majority of these things (all of them except eyeshadow, actually!) but I'm definitely looking forward to experimenting with the one I got! I really love the colour I bought - it's called Mrs. Reynolds and is this really nice shimmery pink.

 I love the packaging!

I think this colour would work really nicely as a blush (which I can totally do - see list above!!) so I may give that a try! It's a very smooth, nice consistency and goes on super well.

Very shimmery and dainty!

To sum up, I am totally going to buy more Espionage products! I love this one so far and am really excited to try different looks out with it. Go check them out! Here's the link again!


Monday, 4 March 2013

Comicon Merch!


Was it utterly amazing? Was it everything I hoped it would be and more?

Well, of COURSE.

I would totally be content with sitting here and giving you all a play-by-play, but I feel like we'd be here a while. I'm not saying I don't want to, because I want nothing more than to tell EVERYONE just how fantastic it was! But I'm thinking you guys will probably mind a little if I do. A lot of stuff happened. I WILL show you guys some things I bought, though! Let us commence!

Here it all is! This isn't including things I bought for my family - I bought my dad a Star Wars shirt, my mum a print and a mug, and my sister a print. I am leaning towards broke right now, in all honesty. BUT THAT'S OKAY!

Number One: Supernatural shirt! This was one of my favourite booths. It had a ton of Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Teen Wolf stuff! Pretty cool! This shirt says "I am the hand that gripped you tight and raised you from perdition." Yes.

Number Two: Postcards/prints! The one on the left is the one I got for my sister - it's this adorable HP quidditch scene. Aaaaaand that's Sherlock and Watson on the right there!

Number Three: There was this super nice makeup company there called Espionage that had a ton of eyeshadows! All fandom related names! This one was "Mrs. Reynolds" from the Firefly collection. A really pretty shimmery pink! I may have to do a review on it sometime!

Number Four: Some Supernatural pins! These were also from the booth I got that t-shirt from. DON'T WORRY, I didn't forget Dean! My friend has the Dean pin, as well as the "Bitch" pin. (can I say that? SORRY GUYS)

Number Five: Guys look guys look at the picture guys it's MISHA COLLINS RIGHT BESIDE ME. GUYS. LOOK.
I look a bit like I'm about to either cry and/or run away and/or explode. But hey, he looks beautiful enough for the both of us!

And that is the merch that was bought! I was going to include a picture of my comicon pass and some of the cool business cards I collected, but this is getting rather lengthy! You see what I mean?! I am trying so hard not to spout nonsense about how amazing it was! AHHH!

I should go now before I get to excited.