Monday, 4 March 2013

Comicon Merch!


Was it utterly amazing? Was it everything I hoped it would be and more?

Well, of COURSE.

I would totally be content with sitting here and giving you all a play-by-play, but I feel like we'd be here a while. I'm not saying I don't want to, because I want nothing more than to tell EVERYONE just how fantastic it was! But I'm thinking you guys will probably mind a little if I do. A lot of stuff happened. I WILL show you guys some things I bought, though! Let us commence!

Here it all is! This isn't including things I bought for my family - I bought my dad a Star Wars shirt, my mum a print and a mug, and my sister a print. I am leaning towards broke right now, in all honesty. BUT THAT'S OKAY!

Number One: Supernatural shirt! This was one of my favourite booths. It had a ton of Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Teen Wolf stuff! Pretty cool! This shirt says "I am the hand that gripped you tight and raised you from perdition." Yes.

Number Two: Postcards/prints! The one on the left is the one I got for my sister - it's this adorable HP quidditch scene. Aaaaaand that's Sherlock and Watson on the right there!

Number Three: There was this super nice makeup company there called Espionage that had a ton of eyeshadows! All fandom related names! This one was "Mrs. Reynolds" from the Firefly collection. A really pretty shimmery pink! I may have to do a review on it sometime!

Number Four: Some Supernatural pins! These were also from the booth I got that t-shirt from. DON'T WORRY, I didn't forget Dean! My friend has the Dean pin, as well as the "Bitch" pin. (can I say that? SORRY GUYS)

Number Five: Guys look guys look at the picture guys it's MISHA COLLINS RIGHT BESIDE ME. GUYS. LOOK.
I look a bit like I'm about to either cry and/or run away and/or explode. But hey, he looks beautiful enough for the both of us!

And that is the merch that was bought! I was going to include a picture of my comicon pass and some of the cool business cards I collected, but this is getting rather lengthy! You see what I mean?! I am trying so hard not to spout nonsense about how amazing it was! AHHH!

I should go now before I get to excited.