Thursday, 14 March 2013

Live Clean follow-up

Helloooo! So you may or may not remember this, but a while ago I did a review on the Live Clean Argan Oil Smooth and Shine Cream! Here's the link:

I used that product again today and am pretty happy with my findings! I used it instead of my usual leave-in conditioner, and really liked the way it left my hair.

Sorry about the brightness of the photos - I used my webcam for these and the quality SUCKS.

I had to include the tea, sorry. Tea and I go everywhere together!

A really nice product, I'm really liking it! The only thing is, it left my hair a littttlleee bit frizzier than it is with my usual leave-in conditioner, but that could have also been because of the abysmal weather we've been having!

So there, real proof that this product works. Give it a go!