Thursday, 21 March 2013

When life gives you walnuts...

...Make maple walnut loaf!

Just kidding, I used a pre-packaged recipe. But still. Good use of walnuts!

I spent my Wednesday loafing around (GET IT?! HA. I'm hilarious) and baked this loaf. And that is what you missed in my wildly exciting life.

And I made cream cheese glaze to go on top, which worked really nicely! They suggested a maple glaze but for SOME REASON, we don't have any maple extract or syrup in my house. A crime, I know.

If you happened to be curious, this is the box from which this loaf was born! It was a super good loaf, and the box had nice and easy baking instructions. And as you can see by the box, it has real English walnuts. Like, that's true quality, guys.

I'm serious, though, very yummy :) maybe I will actually make a loaf from scratch next time! Though we must remember that when I make things from scratch, they turn out looking horrifically ugly, see this post. Hey, though, guess I outta practice!

Hope your days are going swell!