Friday, 15 March 2013

Fandom Friday!

In which I fangirl! This particular Friday, there are tons of things I'm excited about. Get ready for the flailing, people.

  1. SHERLOCK. Starting filming for the new season on Monday?! YES. 
  2. AVPSY. Comes out today. TODAY. 
  3. FIREFLY. I have given myself the challenge and honour of watching all the episodes this spring break. And you know when spring break is? Now. So you know when I'm going to start watching? NOW.
  4. THE WALKING DEAD. I am seriously two episodes away from being caught up. Goal - to be caught up by this Sunday. I can do this, guys.
  5. And last but most certainly not least, SUPERNATURAL. Halfway through season 5! Moving along here! I will get there someday!
I love weeks like this where everything happens all at once! Just so many THINGS to be excited about! It's great. If you aren't familiar with some of the shows up there, I highly recommend you check them out, because all of them are fantastic. Go. Go watch.