Monday, 11 March 2013


So I went shopping with my mum this weekend! What fun!

I didn't really get a whole lot of anything, but I am very pleased with what I did get! I am just going to say, right now, that I LOVE SALES. Okay. That's off my chest.

And that nicely segues into this BAG THAT I GOT ON SALE. Originally $70. Got it for $25. Now is that great or what?!

 I have wanted a Kipling bag for the longest time, and have finally got my hands on one! They're just great multi-purpose bags and last forever.

And plus, all Kipling bags come with these little monkeys. Now, real monkeys creep me out in ways I can't fully describe, but these little Kipling monkeys are so cute! Still vaguely creepy, but cute!

Next, a skirt! It's got buttons down the front!!
The brand is Love Riche.

And lastly, a floral blouse from Garage! This is one recent style I am personally very fond of - floral, loose tops.

So like I said, not a ton of things, but I am super happy with my finds!

I also went with my family to see Life of Pi, which was AMAZING. When I was watching the Oscars and saw the ridiculous amount of awards it won, I was all grumbly, like "ahhl;agjkla not the Hobbit?! Not Skyfall?!?" But now that I've seen it, I totally get it. Absolutely gorgeous movie, the effects and cinematography and all that was spectacular! Made me laugh, made me cry. Great movie.

That's all for now! BYEEE!