Saturday, 23 February 2013


So, I made COOKIES yesterday! Yay! What fun!

I made these cookies from Fine Cooking - Black and White Crescents. They're basically chocolate cookies with white chocolate stripes. Very delicious. Though I will admit that mine didn't look nearly as perfect as theirs do.

A really nice thing about this recipe is that none of the ingredients are exotic or anything like that; I tend to back away from recipes that call for really wild things like self-raising flour or castor sugar or dragon blood, etc. This is probably because I have never used them before and get a bit nervous at the idea. It's also probably because I'm too lazy to go hunt for them in the grocery store.

Basically, this recipe was really easy and simple to follow, and the cookies I made, though pretty ugly, didn't taste half-bad. I'd venture to say they tasted good.

 Here they are just after coming out of the oven. Like I said, not exactly the prettiest things you've ever seen. But yummy nonetheless.

 The white chocolate drizzled over top may have been, in my opinion, the best part. Just pure melted white chocolate. Yes.
The white chocolate helped make them look a little bit better.

Anyway, those are my cookies! I suppose next time I make them I can try and make them a bit easier on the eyes. But I DO recommend making them if you like chocolate and/or cookies, because they tasted FANTASTIC.