Thursday, 21 February 2013

Of video blogs, candles, and pumpkin pancakes


Too intense? Should I tone it down a little? Still working on this whole "blogging" thing. My apologies.

I just got back from filming a super-awesome-semi-awkward-yet-still-utterly-fantastic video with my buddy HUYEN! (see for amazingness)! We decided to start a joint youtube account in which we'd make videos involving beauty products, hauls, and various other things. First filming period took place just an hour ago (mark this down on your calenders, people, for it is a historical event) and it was much fun! It's a little bit odd, how much I enjoyed talking to a camera! Anyways, I'll make sure to link the video once it's posted.

And now onto part two of this post: CANDLES. I've recently realized I have a thing for candles. Apparently I can't go without buying them if I see them in the store. Seriously. Like, I don't even burn candles that often, but I just keep getting more. I have a problem. But candle buying addictions aside, here are some of my favouritessssss:

I particularly like the scent of this one - I'm not quite sure what exactly the smell is but it's super fresh. Plus, it's a soy candle which is apparently better for you.

And secondly, there's this one. I haven't burnt it yet but it smells SO GOOD. Like, berries and forest and just general loveliness.

And the packaging is adorable, I love the jar.


Anyway, that was my day, basically, besides school and work. Video making. Candles. All the good stuff, right? And now I'm about to have a dinner of pasta (ONE OF MY FAVOURITES, YAY) with my family. All is well.

And I hear talk of a possible pumpkin pancake breakfast on the weekend.

That makes everything about ten times more awesome.