Saturday, 1 June 2013

May Favourites

On a happier note! Favourites! Let's do this!

    1. Covergirl's liquid eyeliner. Extremely easy to use, especially for a cat-eye! I have it in a dark shimmery gray, and I'm seriously considering getting a black as well. These are a lot less runny than the usual liquid eyeliner you find - it has an almost pen-like quality that makes applying super easy!

    2. Aveeno's Leave-In Conditioner. I've been looking around for a good leave-in conditioner ever since Live Clean discontinued their's (sad face) and experimented with this one! It isn't heavy enough for a true leave-in, especially on my wild hair, but is really good for taming second-day hair. It's isn't a cream, it's a spray, but has a nice smell and doesn't have any harmful chemicals. I recommend it!

    3. Almay's Liquid Foundation. I think I've mentioned this before, actually! I'm going to bring it up again, it's that awesome. It blends really well, covers everything that needs to be hidden, and, in general, just does an awesome job at keeping my skin looking good. 

    4. WALK THE MOON. If you read that last post, the one in which I ranted unecessarily, you'd have seen a mention of these guys. Basically, they are one of my favourite bands right now. If you're into indie rock/alternative/awesomeness, you'll like them. If you want somewhere to start, check out the song Next In Line. Perfect summer song, I swear.

    5. Star Trek: Into Darkness. I'm going all over the place with this post, my apologies! But if I had to choose a favourite movie in May, it would be this one. I keep trying to get people to go with me again, but no one will! Gah!

    So those are my May favourites, from makeup to hair products to movies and music! I hope you enjoyed this post, thank you so much for reading :) 

    What are some of your May favourites?

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