Tuesday, 25 June 2013

What I'm Listening To

So I went shopping the other day, and among the clothing items I bought, I took part in HMV's 2 for $20 sale and bought a Passenger CD and an Arkells CD.

Arkells is a Canadian band (that right there is a selling point for me!) that has a really nice sound. Alternative rock, I'm thinking, is the genre you'd stick 'em in. One of my favourite songs on the album is Book Club, I recommend you look it up!

I also bought Passenger's new (ish) CD, which is absolutely lovely so far. For me, he's like Ed Sheeran - just so soothing, and such a pleasant, gentle sound. I'd totally recommend the CD, it's beautiful.

So that's what's on repeat for me right now! Any recommendations for new music?

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