Tuesday, 2 July 2013

University Wishlist

It's JULY. Crazy, isn't it? Only two months of summer, then I'm off to the great unknown. University. 

I'm beginning to feel really excited for starting university. Choosing courses, paying residence deposits, researching meal plans... it's all becoming so real. I am so ready to leap into that new and exciting pool that is university life.

But before I do any leaping, there are a couple of necessities I need to get my hands on. Good thing I have two months to do that!

1. A good pair of boots. I've been tossing around a couple ideas and I'm thinking just some good-quality leather ones will do the trick - ones that will go with anything and last forever.

2. A new bag. I need something that will hold all my massive uni textbooks and laptop, but still looks cute, of course. Cute yet sizable bags are surprisingly difficult to find!

3. Some new dresses. This one's more of a want than a need, really. But I feel like I really would like to refresh and expand my dress and skirt collection before I head off and become a broke student. I am working for the summer, so hopefully I'll have some extra cash to splurge with!

So those are some things that I feel like I need to purchase before university. I'm sure this list'll grow as I get closer and closer to moving out! What are some things you recommend for first-year university life?

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