Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Over the last couple of weeks I've bought a couple skirts and dresses at the Garage, and I thought I would share.

Close-up of the buttons on the front
 I bought this skirt at the Garage for $30. It comes in a lot of cute patterns - I was torn between this one and a dark burgundy one - and is very comfortable and fun to wear! It has an elastic waist and button detailing on the front.

 I also bought this summer dress for I believe $30 as well. It has pockets! It's length is about mid-thigh, and it's super comfortable, so I'll be wearing it lots. The pattern is little blue, white, and pink flowers, if you're having difficulty telling from the picture. Honestly, though, the pockets were the main selling point for me!

I also finally found a good pair of black flats, though that isn't nearly as exciting as buying dresses and skirts. I found a good pair at Payless shoes for around $25.

I've been working a lot more since the start of summer, and while that's been tiring, it's also been pretty great getting my paychecks. Hopefully more shopping soon!

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