Saturday, 1 June 2013

Life Throwing Lemons

I'm being a bit dramatic. It's not really like life is throwing lemons at me, it's more like life is timing me while I  frantically juice as many lemons as I can. In other words, I'm stressed.

It's not really even that... it's just been one of those weeks when each little thing that goes wrong bugs me way more than it should. Which is silly, because a lot of awesome things have happened this week, but I'm so caught up on the bad that my brain isn't letting me appreciate them. Bah.

It is nearing the end of my grade twelve year, and while that is awesome, it's also draining me in a way I've never experienced before. I just want it all to be over, in all honesty, and move on to the next step of my life. I'm beginning to feel incredibly indifferent towards everything - schoolwork, going to the gym, end of year activities - that I would be alarmed if I wasn't so darn apathetic. I need to get out of this rut, and fast.

Also, there's this concert happening in October that I desperately want to go to - WALK THE MOON, check them out, they are amazing. They're playing in the city I am incidentally going to university in next year, which is super fantastic, but I'd still need to figure out transportation and finding people to go with and such. And since it's pretty close to the beginning of the year, I'll probably still be getting my university legs on and it might be tricky to swing it.

But I'm determined, people. I'm going to try my hardest to make it work!

So that sums up my week - feeling stressed from school, sad about not being able to go to a concert, and then stubbornly determined to go to it anyway.

I'll try to write a post that's a bit less... ah... irritated next time.

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