Monday, 27 May 2013

Summer Shoes

It's almost SUMMER! And with that comes the wonderful joy of sandals - painting your toenails, sliding on those adorable shoes, and getting that awesome tan on your feet. I am looking forward to it!

Now, we were having some brilliant warm weather, but all of a sudden, it's cold, rainy, and dismal again. But, if anything, this rather depressing change of weather is making me pine for summer shoes even more! Hopefully the weather turns around soon, even if just for my sanity. A nice flip flop tan would be nice too :)

That being said, I've been browsing online, on one of my favourite clothing websites ever - - and fell in love with shoe after shoe after shoe. There is some seriously adorable footwear up for grabs! Here are some of my personal favourites.

Summer Shoes

Ankle wrap sandals
62 CAD -

Wedge heels
36 CAD -

Ankle strap sandals
31 CAD -

Ankle wrap sandals
52 CAD -

Ankle strap sandals
29 CAD -

Which ones do you like out of these? Feel free to leave a message in the comments :)

Fingers crossed for warmer weather, and a chance to buy some of these lovely shoes!

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  1. I am in love with the teal ankle wrap sandals! I've actually been looking for a pair of sandals like these for the upcoming summer so I'm definitely checking these out!

    1. So many nice sandals this season :) thank you for reading my post!