Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Iron Man 3 Thoughts (SPOILERS)

I finally saw Iron Man 3 this past Saturday! LOVED IT!

I was a bit nervous going into it that it wouldn't fit my expectations, and tried desperately to not have any massive expectations because of that. I'd heard a lot of mixed opinions about the movie (worst case - it sucked ) and didn't really want those to taint my own opinion. So I tried to stay open-minded.

Honestly, there was nothing to worry about. Spoilers ahead! There were a lot of complaints about the fact that Tony Stark was a lot more fragile in this movie - he was struggling with coping with what happened in New York with Loki - but honestly, if you're a guy like Tony Stark, used to logical and reasonable things like technology and science, wouldn't you be a bit rattled too if aliens showed up at your front doorstep?

Even though I felt bad for him about the whole anxiety thing, I still didn't quite understand why he basically told the Mandarin where he lived. I think it was pretty obvious he was going to get attacked pretty soon after dishing that little piece of information. As the house was being demolished, Stark and Potts still inside, Tony Stark controlled his suit prototype to encase Pepper, which was pretty cool. She works the suit!

I am also going to say now that I adore Pepper Potts. She is fantastic. And badass. And so underrated! I mean, come on, she basically finished off the bad guy!

Seeing all the suits line up is MASSIVELY grin-inducing
Lastly - and this may be the largest spoiler of all, so LEAVE NOW if you don't want to see this - I was kind of sad that all of Tony's awesome suits were destroyed! I mean, I understand why, he was getting dangerously close to obsession with them, but they were just so darn cool. I wanted one for myself, really. Hopefully he doesn't need them in the next Avengers movie. If he'll even be in that movie, that is. Fingers crossed.

Now, I eagerly await Star Trek: Into Darkness, Catching Fire, and the next Hobbit installment. Are there any movies or shows you are excited for?

Posts involving hair products, nail polishes, and baking to come soon!

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