Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Style Inspiration: Charlotte Charles

I've been feeling INSPIRED. I've been feeling inspired by Charlotte Charles, AKA Chuck, from the (wonderful) show Pushing Daisies. 

Chuck has this adorable vintage style going on. In every episode, she's wearing a new and adorable dress. Am I wanting to dress/be like Chuck? Yes. Yes I am.

I mean, not only is her style great, but she gets NED, possibly the most adorable man ever to be on television ever.

Anyway, back to the fashion. Chuck has that retro style that I love, and have seen in places like Modcloth and Piperlime and the like. It's a style I would love to begin working towards, maybe even just beginning with some vintage heels.

So yes, that is who has been inspiring me lately! I'm almost finished with season one of Pushing Daisies, very sad that there are only two seasons. I will just have to find another show to fill the gap when I'm done. Or maybe actually get caught up with Game of Thrones for once!

Who are you feeling inspired by? Any show suggestions? Feel free to leave any thoughts below!

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