Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Star Trek, and Life in General

I was feeling the need to write a blog post, but no single topic came to mind. So here's my take on Star Trek: Into Darkness, plus a little life update.
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First of all, Star Trek: Into Darkness. SPOILER ALERT. 

I. Loved. It.

Some Benedict Beauty
Honestly. I am so glad I finally saw it! The effects, firstly, were stunning. Seriously breath-taking. The movie was extremely pleasing to the eye, and incredibly realistic with under water shots and space scenes and all that. It was all so screen-shottable. Is that a word? I'm making it one.

The acting was also incredible - one of the main reasons I went and saw the movie in the first place was for Benedict Cumberbatch (I even wore my Sherlock shirt to accentuate this), and he did not disappoint. He played an amazing villian; he was believable and downright sinister. Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine, also, have special places in my heart, and I thought they did an amazing job. And can I just say, Chris Pine's eyes are GORGEOUS. 
Wait a moment while I get lost in Pine's eyes

Here's a bit of villian-hero dialogue that will give you chills:
"I am better."
"At what?"

And, my ultimate favourite Star Trek character, Scotty, was wonderful, as I knew he would be! I absolutely adore Simon Pegg, in Hot Fuzz, Run Fatboy Run, Shaun of the Dead... you name it... he is brilliant in so many ways! Scotty included!

Here's Scotty being all intense.
If I wanted to complain, I'd say the movie was a bit predictable, and the out-of-nowhere underwear scene was pretty unnecessary. But I loved the movie, regardless. Perhaps even more than the first!

Lastly, LIFE: Why I haven't been updating nearly as much or as interestingly as I should like.
I don't want to place blame, but it's totally because of grade twelve.

I only have about four weeks to go until I graduate (!!!!!) but it feels like an age. I am ready to be done!

Things already feel like they're beginning to wind down, though... the (painful) calculus final was today, we're doing valedictorian speeches in English Lit, and the "Green to Grad" list is up. Thankfully, I am green to grad, yay!

I am excited for prom, though, I think that will be tons of fun. I got my dress back from alterations today, and it fits perfectly! Sorry, you won't be seeing any pictures until the day of, when I've got the entire look put together ;) but I'll give you a hint: one strap.

And that's that. I really am sorry I haven't been updating recently, but things will probably be pretty slow from now until grad, or at least until I can actually think of something worthwhile to write about. I apologize for this all-over-the-place post...

Do let me know what you would like to hear from me in the future, maybe it will give me some ideas!

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