Friday, 3 May 2013

May 3rd Shopping

I went shopping today! Much fun!

It was beautifully sunny, first off, which just made it that much better! Instead of staying inside the mall all day, we walked outside and checked out all the cute little boutiques. Tons of stuff to be seen!

Another pleated skirt to add to my closet!
I bought another pleated skirt, which I'm really excited about. I have one, and love thin pleats like this! I absolutely love the colour as well; it's this gorgeous turquoisey blue colour. (You can click on the pictures to enlarge.)

I also bought a Pride & Prejudice v-neck t-shirt which I LOVE. It has this pretty feather design on the front... I think it may have been an edition of the book at some point, it seems like it could have been! It's awesome. I love it.

One high-class cat!
And, of course, another pin. How could I not?! We went into this FANTASTIC store that's basically all stationary and journal and book related, and I found so many cute two dollar things that I ended up spending, like, twenty-five dollars. Small things add up! I bought an adorable, dapper cat pin, and also found a card for my dad for his birthday, a card for Mother's Day, and a journal for my mum for Mother's Day. (Let's hope she doesn't see this post!) The journal is so cool - there were all these differently themed journals. The one I got her was music, because that's her passion, but there were book-themed ones, photography-themed ones, you name it! Basically, every few pages, there's a little inspirational quote about whatever theme the journal has. Super cool.

I was tempted to buy a journal for myself as well!
And, of course, we ate some marvellous food! We had lunch at an awesome, classy tea-and-pastry place, indulged in Purdy's chocolates, and ended the day with floats and milkshakes. Will I be eating nothing but vegetables for the next week? Yes. Yes I will.
Gorgeous antique design!

All in all, a lovely day! I hadn't gone shopping in MUCH too long, so it was nice to get that out of my system. Plus, the weather was absolutely perfect for the day, which just added to the overall summery feeling that strolling around downtown was giving me.

I hope you all have wonderful weekends!

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