Friday, 10 May 2013

Updo of the Day

Hello! I tried something a little different with my hair today - experimenting usually takes place during weekends, so this is quite something - and was pleased to see that it worked out!

Updos can be quite tricky at times with curly hair, and sometimes shockingly and wonderfully easy. This was the latter. An absolute breeze!

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Like I said, super easy. I wanted to move away from the regular bun and into something a bit more textured and wild, and this was born. I'm sure experimentation could be done - a few more pieces hanging free, maybe, or perhaps some curls framing the face. I'm definitely going to try different variations!

Here are the basics. You'll need a handful (ten or so) bobby pins, a hair tie, water, and some sort of taming product such as gel or smoothing serum.

  1. Best done with slightly damp hair. Wet your hair thoroughly, then work gel or cream through your hair. Make sure to scrunch, too, so you still have your nice curl pattern going!
  2. Pull your hair into a pony tail. Any height would work, I'm sure, depending on what kind of look you're going for. Today, I had a medium height pony tail.
  3. This part is fun because it's so awesomely easy! Take your pony tail in your palm and smoosh it against the back of your head. This achieves the disarray-messy-bun look. With your pins, secure your hair to the back of your head, fixing tendrils here and there if they don't look right to you. 
  4. Smooth flyaways in the front with gel, or loosen a couple of curls around your face to finish the look. And there you go! A quick, easy way to secure those curls!

I hope you curly girls out there find this helpful! If you try it, feel free to comment and tell me how it works for you :)


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