Monday, 31 March 2014

Cherry Blossoms

It is a gorgeous Monday afternoon! I am all done with classes and able to fully appreciate the sunshine.

This past weekend I saw some of the most lovely flowers blooming around campus. Though I've already done a handful of flower posts, I just couldn't resist sharing more photos with you all!

I hope you're all enjoying the beginnings of spring weather! I'm absolutely loving it. A chance to get outside, get more active, take in the fresh air without freezing my nose off.

It's also the last full week of school (time goes by way too quickly), so unfortunately this gorgeous weather is making it a bit trickier to concentrate, which I really should be doing in these last few days of class. But in just a month I will be completely done my first year of uni - it's insane. This year has been quite the adventure.

I do hope you all have wonderful weeks.

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