Thursday, 15 May 2014

I'm a Headband Newbie

Hi everyone! I hope you are all having splendid weeks.

I have an extra long weekend - off work today and tomorrow as well as the weekend! I'm pretty excited about this, seeing as the weather has been absolutely gorgeous these past couple of days and I would much rather not miss the sun while I'm inside working.

Aaaaand today I wore a headband for the first time in what feels like decades. (Probably just a couple of years, but still.) I never used to wear headbands much, or any hair accessories for that matter. But in this past year I've started wearing accessories like bows and pretty clips. And now, headbands.

It's always fun trying out new hairstyles every now and then! Plus this headband (one I found buried under years of random clothing items) happened to match my shirt perfectly. So a win-win, really.

You can probably tell I'm a bit low on blog post ideas when I devote one entirely to a headband.... It's been a slow week idea-wise. More interesting things to come, I promise!

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