Saturday, 18 January 2014

Updo of the Day

Happy Saturday!

Today I was experimenting a little bit with my hair and decided to share the end result with you!

Not anything spectacular by any means, but it was easy and quick. Simply twirling the front bits of hair back and securing with a clip, then making a side braid. The bow accessory I used was from Forever 21, for around $4.00, I believe. I've had it for years and barely ever use it, and just unearthed it today and decided to show it off again!

I also had fun with my makeup today, on a side note. Going for light makeup today - 
Eyeshadow: RIMMEL London Quad Eyeshadow #018
Lipstick: REVLON ColorStay in Ultimate Suede

And now I'm off to enjoy my Saturday! I hope you are all having lovely weekends xx

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