Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Well, It's Wednesday

Wednesday! Top of the hill! The weekend is in sight!

Not that the weekend will be any less stressful... homework, my friends. So much homework.

But that's another day's worry. Today it's Wednesday, I have a break between classes, and I decided to share some of my thoughts.


This point in the week is always a bit of a challenge. I mean, Mondays tend to suck for very obvious reasons - just had this nice and relaxed weekend, now back to work, ugh - but it's in the middle of the week that you're losing energy, motivation, and determination. The weekend, though actually pretty close, feels so far away.

And sometimes, you're stuck in a perpetual state of Wednesday-ness. Day after day, week after week, and you feel like you're going nowhere. It happens to all of us. It sucks. And it'll pass, though it may not feel like it. That weekend will come.

To many metaphors? Kay, I'll stop.

What I'm getting at is that everything will be okay. As the quote above says (one of my favourite pictures and quotes - Les Mis is utterly amazing), it'll all end well. You'll be okay! It's hard to realize and even harder to keep your chin up until you reach the other side, but the other side is there, and it's waiting for you, and it's everything you hoped it would be and more.

On that rather intense note, I do hope you're all having lovely weeks, and that your Wednesdays are treating you well. The weekend is in sight!
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