Sunday, 7 April 2013

April Attire

So we are entering week two of April 2013. Time flies, hey? I personally am already beginning to look forward to summer, and every now and then I have to remind myself that yes, there are good things in these silly mid-months too. It's just difficult sometimes to get out of that can-the-holidays-just-get-here mindset!

For now, I'll drown my April melancholy in dreaming about clothing. Time well spent, I know.

Now, it's a bit too far into spring to be dreaming of scarves, since the weather is beginning to warm up now, but this scarf was too fantastic to resist.

Even just posting this picture made me excited! LOOK AT IT! I mean, yes, it's pretty blatantly Sherlock, which is part of the reason I love it so darn much. I only have one other Sherlock-related clothing item. That is so not enough!

The shop that makes these on Etsy is brilliant - they make the fabric themselves! Scarves, skirts, aprons... I highly recommend you check them out if you're a fan of Sherlock, LOTR, Game of Thrones, you name it! Here's a link. Use it.

Personally, I find browsing Etsy to be one of the most fun yet heartbreaking things to do. Fun because it's so great seeing all these amazing things people have created. Heartbreaking because I yearn for so many things I will most likely never own. I still do it, though, and always feel inspired by the talent and workmanship that goes into it all!

On the topic of APRIL, it has just begun absolutely pouring outside. "April showers" is so accurate it hurts. And that leads me to the utter NECESSITY of the month: a good and sturdy raincoat. Preferably a bit fashionable, too. I am in dire need of one of these.

Actually, that's not necessarily true. I do have an excellent raincoat, but I feel as if I bought it back when my style was vastly different from what it is now, you know? And plus there are so many lovely designs out there. I am personally a fan of the belted-waist type.

This one here is a London Fog belted, hooded raincoat available at Macy's. I am a massive fan of the bright colours they have available, though I feel like I'd probably end up buying a black or grey for ease of matching. Maybe I will splurge on one of these for next year.

Scoping out raincoats makes me think of new shoes, which makes me think of expanding my heels collection, which makes me think of more skirts and dresses to wear with said heels. Buying new clothes is a chain-reaction, people. A dangerous one at that.

But hey, still going to do it. If the weather has the nerve to force you into wearing a raincoat, it might as well be one you feel fantastic in.

So that's what I had to say, basically! I apologize for the blandness of this post. I found myself wanting to write a post but not having anything exciting to say, and this just came out. I tried to wrangle some sort of topic out of it, and I suppose it semi-worked, but still. SORRY.

On another note, my buddy Huyen and I are going to be doing some DIY shenanigans soon, so I'll definitely be writing something on that! On our various failures, battle wounds, finished products. Sometime next week, probably.

And on to week two!

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