Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Mail from MODCLOTH

For at least two years, I have had some serious envy... I'd spend ages scrolling through the clothes and books and kitchen supplies, falling in love with item after item. Since I first set my eyes upon that glorious website, I dreamed of ordering my first item from them.

And that day has come, my friends. That day has come, and it is just as wonderful as I dreamed it would be.

Okay, enough with the theatrics. Let's get UNBOXING.

Modcloth - doing the near impossible and making wood print work
My mum picked the box up from the post office when she went into town, and all I could think during the entire day was "oh my goodness when I get home I can unwrap my gorgeous and fantastic Modcloth package ahhh AHHHHHH!" Needless to say, near the end of my day, concentration was pretty out of the question.

My order came in this adorable wood-patterned box, with a cheerful "Hello there!" on the side. Even Modcloth's BOXES make me feel happy.

So tempted to keep the box
I opened the box slowly, wanting to preserve it's prettiness and the feeling of anticipation I was having. When I opened it, this adorable "Pleased to meet you! Now let's have some fun" was on the inside flap. Modcloth, how are you so cute?!

Inside the box was another box, the one that held my prize. At this point, I was pretty antsy. I said goodbye to cautiously opening the box to preserve prettiness and tore right in.

I am so in love with these shoes. 

My FLAWLESS "Proudly Posh" Modcloth heels. Very first Modcloth purchase. I am honestly all smiley just looking at that picture there.

And the awesome part is, they basically fit! I was a bit nervous about ordering online because of sizing, but I was thrilled to find that they are only off by mere millimetres. I'm sure insoles will fix the problem.

The shoes also came with two extra heel treads, just in case yours break or become worn. The shoes themselves are T.U.K., where I will definitely also be browsing in the future, as they have some cool shoes!

This was my first and hopefully not my last Modcloth purchase! I am very pleased with packaging, condition of the shoes, and how quickly they arrived. High five, Modcloth!

And only TWO DAYS left in the week. Hope you're all having good ones!

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