Friday, 12 April 2013

Truly StuPINdous

What are we going to discuss today? That's right. PINS!

So a little while back when I attended Emerald City Comicon, I got a couple of awesome Supernatural pins from a shop there. My friend and I got five together, and split them - she took the Dean and the "BITCH" pins, and I took the Sam, Cas, and "JERK" pins.

This picture doesn't do them true justice, but here they are!
Now recently, I've been feeling especially bereft of my Comicon happiness, and while browsing through Etsy for more fandom-related things I could potentially drown my sorrows in, I found it. It. The shop my friend and I had found our pins at.

I experienced it again - that simple joy of being immersed in the world of Comicon. I decided then and there that I would buy more pins. I mean, what else could I do? I had found the shop. It seemed fate was nudging me in that direction.

So I have decided I will save up and one day soon splurge on some magnificent pins. Cas and Sam are lonely, man.

One thing I really like about this shop in particular is the fact that they are so well-made, and have a decent variety of pins available. There are Sherlock pins, Avengers, Wreck-It Ralph, X-Men... their selection is vast and glorious.

Definitely in the top five of my pin-ing after list
This sudden and amazing realization of my true love for pins led me to searching for other shops and other pins. Which led me, inescapably, to pining after even more pins I would, of course, eventually have to buy.

There are just so many cute and creative pins out there! Each pin is like a tiny, awesome way to show what you're a fan of. I came across an adorable Grape Soda pin, like the one from Up, a set of Adventure Time pins that I have decided I must get at some point, and many, many more.

Pins are, in short, a way to communicate. You can express your individuality with the pins you make or wear. You can show what you like, your sense of humour, your style. You can wear them ironically, fashionably, or just because you like showing off your fandoms. Pins are so versatile, it's insane.

So this is me telling you to go get some pins! Go! At least buy one, just so you can experience the simple joys of wearing pure awesome on your bag or jacket.

Pins, guys. I love pins.

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