Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Or just goals, if you want me to be a bit less melodramatic.

APRIL is upon us! WHOA! It's strange - it feels like the year is flying by (April already, that ain't right!) but at the same time, just taking it's sweet time. That may be because I am feeling that mid-semester soul-crushing that comes around every year.

Even though my soul is being crushed, there are things I am looking forward to and hoping to accomplish in the coming weeks. I'm not completely apathetic. Not yet.

For instance, spring is basically here! This makes me happy! We have been having some mighty fine weather here, sun and everything. Two days ago, the trees were all still bare and uncomfortable-looking. But over the weekend, BAM. Blossoms. It's great.

With the sun comes that need to get things done, at least in my case! The sun bared it's glorious head and I'm feeling the energy. Time to do things and do them well.

I plan to do a lot more DIY this summer, and I'm thinking, hey, why not start now? I have tons of ideas I've snatched off the internet, and I'm going to go completely crafty and make things. The first thing I am planning on doing is fandangling one of my old, ratty t-shirts into a tank top; here's the tutorial if you're interested! I'm super excited to give it a try, and I'll make sure to update you all on my finished result, though it may look a bit less tanktoppy and slightly more potato sack-ish.

In the coming months, I also hope to start baking and cooking more. I can bake fairly well and cook decently, but I want to get a little more experience in before I leave the mothership. Ultimate goal: to successfully bake a souffle. Hey, shhhh - let me dream!

And lastly, because accomplishing goals are hard and I might as well add one that literally takes no energy to complete - I need to get caught up in all my television shows. Like, I am seriously so behind! But I have made progress! The Walking Dead, check. Firefly, almost, just need to steel myself for emotional trauma of the last episode. Supernatural, well, getting there.

It took me a very large portion of my life to figure it out, but I am actually a massively goal-oriented kind of person! Goals are what motivate me to get things done. Lists, too. Sometimes it's a painfully slow process, achieving a goal, but in the end, I find it is worth it!

Best of luck with your goals, simple or monumental, and I hope April is treating you well so far!

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