Sunday, 21 April 2013

Fingers Crossed...

Yesterday, my parents and I did a campus tour of a university I am considering attending in the fall. I'd seen the UBC campus before, fleetingly, for sports and science field trips and such, but hadn't seen it in much depth before. And I had been considering the university as one of my options, but now, it's really the place I want to attend. I want this so badly.

I get kind of obnoxious if I'm worried about being late, especially if it's something I am really excited for, so it's safe to say my parents were just barely tolerating me. I shoved them into the car a good hour and a half early, not even allowing them a breakfast before the 10:00 tour. Thankfully we were super early, so we located a Starbucks on campus and got a bite to eat.

The campus is gorgeous. I didn't take any pictures, unfortunately - I was too busy taking it all in! We wandered around briefly before the tour started (we had about forty-five minutes to kill) and I was just in awe at how well-kept and green it is. Very peaceful, too, although that was probably due to the fact that it's exam time. As the tour drew nearer and nearer, I grew increasingly excited about what was to come.

And the tour did not disappoint! Our two tour guides were extremely good-natured and knowledgeable, and managed to keep the tour humorous yet informative. One was from Nairobi and the other from Tanzania, which was apparently a complete coincidence, but really accentuated the fact that UBC has a vast international student body, which is something I find super cool.

We didn't go all over the campus, just through places I would be around most often as an undergraduate student. We didn't actually go to either of the places I had personally been before - the field hockey fields and this one science building with a DNA double helix on the side. But it was an excellent tour, and managed to cover tons of information in just a short hour and forty-five minutes (at least it FELT short!)

Plus, it didn't rain at ALL. It was lovely and sunny, and everything was in bloom. Gorgeous.

In short, I have fallen in love with the UBC campus, and also feel really comfortable in all I learned during that tour. We were not only told about buildings and places, but also general information about classes, buying textbooks, and tips for transit.

So now I am eagerly and anxiously waiting to hear UBC's decision! FINGERS CROSSED for an acceptance!

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