Saturday, 27 April 2013

Things are good!

It's been a long week, but one of those weeks in which everything went really well. Things are just very... right. At least, for now they are! Nothing really substantial has happened, so this post is rather short and uninteresting, but, in short, my week has been uneventful in a good way.

First of all, I got a new ring! A while ago I made a post about how much I wanted a new ring, basically, and it's finally happened. It's a plain silver band with a light, greeny-blue square stone on it. So not fandom-related, no, but I find it gorgeous nonetheless! And it's a bit silly that I'm so thrilled about it, but hey. What is it they say? It's the little things? I agree with that.

I also went in to pick up my grad dress today (!!!) and am delighted to see that it needs almost no alterations, just needs to be shortened. And it matches the shoes I chose perfectly, which is awesome because I was going out on a complete limb buying them, hoping desperately the colours would work together. And they do, so that's nice! That and my recent acceptance to UBC (MORE EXCLAMATION POINTS) is making me super excited about my future.

So really, things are just great. I do still feel like going on a nice big shopping trip, so maybe that'll happen soon and I'll be even happier! But for now, I am perfectly content. Life is good, guys. Always make sure to love life.

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