Monday, 8 April 2013

Winter is Coming: A GoT Review

It's Monday, April 8th, and I have finally watched the Game of Thrones season 3 premiere. During the break between seasons, I read up to book four, which filled the gap slightly. Still, it's nice to have the show back, though I had forgotten how brutal it gets!

I was extremely in awe of how utterly gorgeous some landscapes were in this episode! First beyond the wall, all vast and glorious, then the beach and ocean at King's Landing, and the view from Daenarys' ship... stunning! They did an amazing job putting together those scenes.

The graphics, also, have improved substaintially. Though Dany's dragons were never badly done, I remember them looking kind of off in the past seasons, but now they're looking impressively real, though Daenarys is still frustrated with how slowly they're growing, apparently. And though the giants in wildling territory only really had a quick introduction in this episode, I thought they were really well-done. Well, the one giant that was shown, anyway! I'm excited to see even more in episodes to come.

And through it all, Joffrey still annoys the living daylights out of me. It amazes me how he can just irritate me so much with just simple facial expressions and gestures... the actor has a vast career ahead of him, methinks!

Then there is the other side of the Lannister family - Tyrion. Still love him, and I'm glad to see he's kept some of his wit that I grew to appreciate in past seasons. I was at first a little miffed at his scar, because I had remembered reading in the book that his nose had basically been sliced off... but then I remembered that removing a nose from someone with make up is probably easier said than done! I will have to learn to let go of the images I have from the book series, it seems, if I want to be 100% pleased with the show. Goodness, it's like the Harry Potter book vs. movie debate all over again!

But overall, I seriously enjoyed the episode! Nine out of ten for me, I think. Beautiful scenery and graphics, and the acting was, as always, superb, but I just felt a little something was lacking. Not sure what... maybe it's Arya I'm missing. Where is my favourite character?!

It's funny how I'm already behind in the season... hopefully I can catch up soon, and stay caught up. I hope you enjoyed my review, and have a good week!

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