Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Trailer Tuesday

There are two trailers I would like to bring up on this fine Tuesday - Man of Steel and Star Trek Into Darkness. Two epic trailers. One much-less-epic post.

Can I just start this off by saying Henry Cavill is beautiful? Yes? Good. Because he is.

So as many of you must know, the third Man of Steel trailer came out today. And it is a beautiful thing indeed.

I was never that massive of a Superman fan, but I am beginning to be seriously excited for this movie. Maybe because it's directed by Christopher Nolan, or because the graphics look incredible, or HENRY CAVILL, but I am.

When I heard they were rebooting Superman, I was sceptical. But they aren't really rebooting it... they're creating a whole new feel to the superhero. Watching this trailer and the previous two has made me realize just how well the people behind this whole thing are doing this. The trailer in itself is gorgeous, intense, and breath-taking. I can only imagine how epic the movie will be.

Next - Star Trek Into Darkness.


Wordless excitement!!!

I am seriously excited for the next Star Trek instalment. This trailer is fantastic; we finally get to see and hear Benedict Cumberbatch's chilling portrayal of the villain, we see more of the amazingly done graphics we have come to love, and really, we just get a wonderful taste of what the movie will be like. It's intense, action-packed, and overall, awesome. I cannot wait for the movie.

So there are my two trailer picks for the week - two movies I am looking forward to seeing! What movies are you excited for?

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